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GRIZZLY BEAR, ursus arctus horribilis

GRIZZLY BEAR (ursus arctus horribilis)

Are generally brown in colour but can range in from very light brown to very dark brown; parts of their fur often turn silver as they age. Grizzly Bear have a hump between their front shoulders and large claws on their forefeet primarily used for digging.

Males can reach 7.5 feet/2.5 m tall (standing on hind legs) and weigh from 325 to 1500 pounds. They can live up to 30 years.

A mature female Grizzly Bear(sow) weighs between 150 and 800 pounds. The grizzly mother starts breeding around five years of age and have one to three cubs every three years or more during their 25-year life span.

Spring time is a wonderful viewing time as the bear have

come out of hibernation and are hungry so they spend lots of time eating in open areas.

You will easily see the bear from a boat tour. The Bear will likely be eating sea grass

and turning over rocks looking for the sea creatures that live underneath. Plus you get

to see the new cubs staying very close to their mothers, that is until a large male (boar)

comes along and wants to mate.

The bears may disappear inland When berries ripen but also continue to forge for food

along the ocean side through out the season (May to October). Large numbers of bear are usually seen in a concentrated area when Salmon are spawning; late August onwards.

Bear Viewing protocol is to remain 300 feet away.

The larger Grizzly bear does not tolerate the smaller Black bears eating in their territory so it rare to see a black bear and Grizzly Bear in the same area particularly when Salmon is on the menu.

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