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0 KNOXVILLE DAILY JOURNAL, SUNDAY, MAY 5, 1889. 11 ft. ave. BELL AVE. Street Car Line.

70 ft. ave. 50 75 76 75 76 42 70 75 65 76 75 75 SOLD. SOLD SOLD BOLD 4 2 2 3 2 5 6 3 8 10 $2 75 75 75 75 75 62 60 6 158 150 8 9 Bi 161 150 23 9 11 12 KYLE 25 24 8 8 8 13 14 20 22 2 72 CRUZE b. 164 62 62 62 150 77 62 64 60 64 19 3 77 18 8 77 Car Line.

TE Street 15 16 17 9 84 64 ST. 64 Felix Mi. Bosworth, of Mt. Sterling, who has contracted for a fine residence MABBY THESE in city Lots property, were we taken desire in to exchange dispose of for them. timbered Lots lands 1, 2 and and as 3 we have do been not deal sold to be built this summer on Lot 2, and R.

J. Lane has just completed a $10,000 64 residence on Lot 4. We offer a choice of the balance at $15 per front foot. This will be your opportunity to secure an elegant building lot cheap. Terms- One third cash, balance 1 and 2 years, 6 per cent interest.

For further 09 information apply at our office. 60 H. B. WETZELL 138 Gay Street. IRON PIPE AND FITTINGS.

Steam Heating Apparatus -Steam Brass Goods ENGINE TRIMMINGS, Plumbing and Gas Fitting. Gas Fixtures. VIRST-OLA93 WORK AND FIRST OLASS STOOK GUARANTEED! M. F. ROURKE, 89 Gay Street, Next to Schubert Telephone No, 141.

KNOXVILLE, TENN. REAL ESTATE. F. J. ROTHPLETZ, 71 West Clinch Street, 2d Floor.

house, just finished, good bassment, Temperance street, near Pine, only $1,500. Don't fail to see this. A good 2-story and basem*nt house, East Main street, beautifal location, $2,500. 275 acres good land, on Tennessee river, mile north of Louisville, Blount county. K.

8. R. R. rans one-fourth mile away; part timber; some good buildings; can be had for $5.50 per acre, if taken quick, Brick Store, Market Square, fully occu pied, easy terms. Valuable corner Lot, west side K.

0. R. 114 feet front, at $50 per foot. 8-room House, E. 5th avenue and Florids street; gas, water, $5,000.

8-room House, North 5th avenue, modera style, all conveniences; cheap at $4,250. New 10-room House, north aide West Clinch street; easy terms, $5,000. Twelve-room House, corner lot, 90 feet front, West Olinch street, only $8,000. Modern style 8-room House on Magmolia, at avenue, $4,500. stable, lot 75x145; 8-room House, lot 80x132, Mabry street, $3,300.

New 9-room House, lot 106:90, Maria street; bargain, $2,250. Two neat 6-room houses, on West Clinch street, one on corner, at $3,250 and $3,500. Choice Lots north side Mabry hill, 125 x280 to 280, half block from car line; only $1,000 to $1,250 each. Elegant 8-100m House, East 5th avenue, north of Branner residence, with two large lots, only $5,000. Don't fail to to to see this.

Elegant corner Lots on East Main and Pine streets. The finest building sites on Mabry hill, 125 to 150 feet front by 400 deep; only one or two remaining; unsurpassed by any residence property in Knoxville. Williams' Villa sites, one acre each, adjoining Dummy line property; the cheapest desirable residence property in East Knoxville. 20-acre tract, finely wooded, on good road, north of new cemetery, $100 per scre. HATTIE HOUSE KNOXVILLE, TENN.

J. C. FLANDERS, PROP'R. This Hotel is the Largest and Located in the Exact Business Centre of the City. MODERN IMPROVEMENTS.

There is Billiard and Bowling Rooms, and on the first floor is the Finest Bar this side of New York; also, an elegant Barber Shop, KNOXVILLE Trunk Manufacturing Company, Manufacturers and Jobbere, Trunks, Traveling Bags, Valises, A complete and most elegant stock in all departments. We have reduced prices 10 per cent throughout. We offer SPECIAL bargains in TRAVELING BAGS! We must bave your trade, and will, if you see our goods and prices, 251 Gay street, opposite Library Building, and 70 Gay street. WANTED. Book-keepers, Stenographers, Salesmen, Cooks, House help, Mechanics, Gardeners, Employers can obtain good he.p at the Employment Agency, No.

134 Gay street. Entrance on Clinch. Reference required. THE KNOXVILLE RENTING DIRECTORY AND COLLECTING AGENCY will Rent Houses and Rooms and Collect Rents and Accounts promptly. J.

J. MARS, Manager, 16 Vine street, Arthur Building. WANTS. Free column and one cent a word advertisem*nts may be left before 7 p.m. at the North Knoxville bureau of the JOURNAL, O.

A. Lowery Co's, Third avenue and Orozier street. WANTED-MISCE MISCELLANEOUS WANTED At once, an agent. Profitable man or business. woman, every vicinity.

Liberal pay. All time not. necessary. Jive references. Address R.

H. Woodward Md. contractors to saw lumber WANTED Middlesbrough Town company, in the neighborhood of its town site (Bell county, Kentucky.) Contract can be given to two or three good portable mills for this year. Apply to Otway Cuffe, Assistant Manager, Middlesborough, Bell county, Ky. apr9 WANTED or -To cheap buy, cheap horse, at for No.

cash, 7 a Market good Square. m5 WANTED- six pay 12 months: per cent give interest en $25 or can good security; address Jas. G. postoffice box 305, Knoxville, Tenn. m5 WANTED business; -Partner in rare pleasant, opportunity; money-mak- special inducements to a reliable man; all correspondence confidential and promptly answered.

Address Manufacturer, care of the Journal. m4 WANTED -To weeks; hire will a take good saddle excellent horse care for of him. Address, stating price per week, F. 107 Tulip street. m4 WANTED- be Good horse for delivery 262 wagon: Crosier cheap.

Apply at street. m4 WANTED 3 and 4 office p. m. boy Dr. (colored); Drake, 75 apply Church bestreet.

m8 -Board for man and wife; private family preferred, on street car line; eigbt to ten dollars per week for both. Address A K. Middleton, postoffice, m3 7 ANTED St. Bernard pup. Address 61 avenue.

m3 WANTED--You especially to return Hicks' the books Manual, you two borcopies. Caldweli Mynatt, 119 Prince street. m3 WANTED locality Detectives. to act as We Private want a man Detective in under our instructions. Particulars free.

Central Detective Bureau, Box 195, Topeka, Kans. 80-10t WANTED get au inventor, of a man of means help up a model an or a flying electric ship. Come and examine. Gay street, Knoxville, Tenn. apr28 WANTED, invested; secured consultation for inventors; free.

Knoxville Patent Agency, 271 Gay street. mar17d1m HELP WANTED-MALE. (Advertisem*nts under this head free.) A Call canvassing the man, Arthur early buiding, Monday morning at Vine street. W. W.

West. m5 WANTED good -Two men good need cabinet apply. makers; Knoxville none Furniture Company. m5 TANTED-An experienced white man to work on a Apply or call on Snyder, south of the river, near Jones' brick yard. m2 HELP WANTED FEMALE.

(Advertisem*nts under this head free.) ANTED-Good white girl for general house work; apply to 107 Lutt ell street. m5 7 good cook (colored); must be recommended. Dr. Drake, No. 75 Church street.

m3 WANTED- -Good cook. 27 Mabry street. m2 SITUATIONS WANTEDFEMALE (Advertisem*nts under this head free.) ANTED as cashier, by a lady: had five years experience; good refer ences, address Cashier, care Journal. m5 WANTED good -A colored references girl wants with a position experience house girl. Address "Addie, care of Journal.

m4 WANTED Situation as nurse or house girl. Apply address Ella Brazelton, 88 Condon street. WANTED of -A situation home as comfort housekeeper, essential: or trust; good Address A. B. care Journal office.

m2 7 one wanting nurse chambermaid will communicate at once with Alice Penland, room 43, Lamar House. SITUATIONS WANTEDMALE. (Advertisem*nts under this head free.) -By a young man of moral habits WANTED in wholesale or retail store; two rears' experience; best of references; address care Journal. m5 7 ANTED Situation br a well recommended and experienced waiter in private house or hotel: best references given address box 39, Maryville, Tenn. m5 WANTED of Position a as a store, clerk or Young to do man any 01 experience: can give best of references.

Address or call at Arthur building, No. 16 Vine street, up stairs, room 283. 104 VASTER Ren r0, man 853 wants Crozier a situation street. as cook, mi FOR SALE. under this head one cent a word each insertion.) FOR bargain; apply to D.

F. house, Ross, 79 18 King W. street; Fifth avenue. bargain; apply to D. F.

Ross. m5-2t room house, 24 Jennings street; FOR SALE Chas. Goff is unloading twe cars of white pine shingles; best in town; price $2.75 per only. m5 FOR sold SALE Charley -Frank Goff. Marshall will not be under- m5 by FOR short SALE time; Remington cost $100 and type-writer, used price only express; $70 cash.

Box 546, m5 FOR street. -Plymouth Rock eggs. 92 Craig 105 FOR ing SALE mill, OR three miles EXCHANGE--Farm of and flour west on Third creek, 75 acres. one-third in timber, good buildings, fruit, grass, etc. Will be sold low on easy terms, or will exchange for good city property.

F. J. Rothpletz, 71 West Clinch street. sec ond floor. m5-6t FOR SALE--A best bargain; locations new eight North room Fourth house, aveone on nue; cold, water baths, and stable; only $4,300.

Rothpletz, West Clinch street, second floor. m5-6t FOR SALE Bell. A good phaeton; apply to Gil- m5 more The Coming Farmers' Convention. The forthcoming meeting of the T. F.

which meets in Chattanooga the 21at inst. and continues for three days, promises to be the most interest ing and pleasant one yet held. The program is an excellent, one, the essayists to give and interesting talks and lectures. Nearly or quite all have sigaified a willingness and a purpose to be present. Chattanooga, which, by the way, does jobs, is promising a royal reception and a series of sight and pleasures that every one must enjoy.

The local committee on arrangements are working zaalously and sisted by the board of trade. Final arrangements are not completed, but I am enabled to say that Chattanooga will take the members of the convention in hand the third day and show them the many substantial attractions of the city, her manufactories, which we learn are marvelous, and many other points of interest, to conclude with a free excursion to Lookout mountain, where some interesting exercises are assured. Many of your farmer readers ought to take an outing and attend meeting. They would enjoy it and realiz3 the wisdom of the meeting this year in Chattanooga. The only obstacle to an overwhelming attendance is a rather high rate fare on the railroad.

The East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia railroad give us 8 five cent rate, the Uincinnati Southera a four cents rate. There is a strong effort being made to get more satisfactory rates, we think we ought to have a one fare rate, but are a little doubtful now about getting it. Any way let the many, pro greesive farmers, live hereabouts and from all points above Knoxville and who have contributed so much to the success of our previons meetings, determine to show our brother farmers and others in lower East Tenneseee that our name is legion and there is plenty of life in us yet. J. K.

P. WALLACE. LEMON ELIXIR. Its Wonderful 1 Effect on the Liver, Stomach, Bowels, Kidneys and Blood As prepared by Dr. H.

Mozley, Atlanta, Ga. A pleasant Lemon drink, that posicures all Biliousness, Constipation, Indigestion, Headache, Malaria, Kidney Disease, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Fevers, Chille, Blotches, Pimples, Pain in the Back, Palpitation of the Heart, and all other diseases caused by a disordered liver, stomach and kidneys, the first great cause of all fatal diseases. 50 cents and $1 per bottle. Sold by druggists ganerally. Prepared only by H.

Mozley, M. Atlanta, Ga. Lemon Hot Drops Oures all Coughs, ColdA, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and all throat and lung diseases. Price 25 cents. Sold by druggists.

Prepared only by Dr. H. Mozley, Atlanta, Ga. President National Bank McMinnville, writes: From experience in my family Dr. H.

Mosley's Lemon Elixir has few if any equals, and no superiors in medicine for the regulation of the liver, stomach and bowels. Dr. H. Mozley's Lemon Hot Drops are superior any remedies we have ever been able to get for throat and lung dieeases. W.

H. MAGNESS. Marriage Licenses. The following marriage licenses were issued from the office of the county court clerk yesterday: Winfield 8. Keck and Lula? Moore, Joseph Ford and Mary E.

McCall. Indian Territory. I have used Swift's Specific for a scrofalous affection and nervous disorder resulting from blood poison, and pronounce it the very best medicine made. It "sure cured" me, tor which I am very grateful. JOHN HUNNICUIT, Leon, Indian Territory.

Always Recommends It. I have used Swift's Specific in my family for years for various disorders incident to this climate, and it has always given prompt relief. I took it myself for a nervous disorder produced by indigestion that had troubled me for five years. and it gave me the long sought relief. induced a friend of mine to take it for sore leg of over twenty year's standing, and it has cured him.

W. M. RUTLEDGE, Salphur Springs, Tenn. If you want help advertise in the Journal Want Column, free. Purchase of Woolen Mills.

BENNINGTON, May 8. Holden, of Palmer, Mass, has purchased Bennington woolen mills and will start them at once. This plant cost nearly $1,000,000 and is the finest in Vermont. It is said the purchase price was 8 per sive mills have been costal over three cent. of the original These extenyears, the former owners having through bankruptcy.

Their shut-down accasioned a decrease of 1,300 in population. O'Brien Must be Released. DUBLIN, May have been is sued to the prison authorities for the re lease from jail of Mr. Wm. O'Brien and Mr.

Timothy Harriogton. MARKETS BY TELEGRAPH. Financial. NOW YORK. May 4.

Exchange, quiet and firm. Posted rates. 4.88a4.89⅑. Money, easy at 2a4, closing offered at 2. Sub-treasury balances, gold, subtreasury, currency, government bonds, dull and steady to firm; bonds, per dull cents, and 1.29¼; firm.

per cents, 1.08. Ala. Class to5. N. 0, Pac.

66 5....... 111 Y. Georgia 78, mort Norfolk Wes'rn N. C. cons, 68.......

12? preferred C. cons, 48.. Northern Pacino. 8. brown 104 Northern Pacino Tennessee 68........

preferred Tennessee Pacific Tennessee set. 88 Reading. Virginia 68........... 481 Rich Alleghany 17 Virginia 6s 85 R. W.

P. Northwestern Rock 947 139 663 Del. St. Paul, preferred Texas 223 East Tenn. R.

9 Tenn Coal Iron 893 Lake Union Lou Nash. N. J. Memp. 61 Missouri Mobile 10 Western Nash.

Cotton 01l Cerasked. Bid. Cotton Receipts. NEW YORK, May firm; sales 73 bales; last evening, 100 bales; middling uplands, 11 3-16; Orleans, 11 7-16; net receipts at all ports to-day, 2,551 bales; exports to the continent, 3,641 bales; stock, 380,000 bales. New York Produce Market NEW YORK, May flour, dull and steady.

Wheat, quiet and easier, No. 2 red, 824 in store; options lower, weak; No. 2 red for May, 824; June, 83g July. Corn, dull and steady, No. 2 elevator; options, weak, lower; May, 417; July, Oats dull and unchanged; options, dull, lower, May, 281; June, 288; July, 281; Hops, quiet and firm.

Coffee. options closed firm, May, 16.85; Jane, 17.00; July, 17.10a17.15; rio, quiet. Sagar, raw, dull; fair refining, centrifugals, 96 test, 71; refined, dull and steady. Molasses, foreign, firm; New Orleans, quiet. Rice, quiet and steady.

Petrolium, quiet and steady; refined here, 6.85 Cotton seed oil, quiet. Rosin, quiet and steady. Potatues. steady. Turpentine, dull at Hides, a quiet and steady.

Wool, dull and unchanged. Pork, 'quiet. 'Beef, quiet; beef hams, inactive; tierced beef, slow; cut meats, dull; middles, quiet. Lard, easier; western steam, 7.174; May, 7.14; June, 7. 15.

Freighis, firm; cotton, id; grain, 24d. Chicago Market. CHICAGO, May 4-Oash quotations were: Flour, steady and unchanged. No. 2 spring wheat, 8 No.

2 red, 81882. No. 2. corn, No. 2 oats, 223.

Mess pork, per 11.40a11.45. Lard, per 100 6.75. Short ribs, 5.8585.90; aboulders, 5.25a5.50; short clear, 6.25a6.374. Whisky, 1.02. Leading futures ranged as follows: Opening.

Highest. Closing. Wheat, No. 2- 81 785 771 771 771 Corn, No. 2- 344 354 351 Oats, No.

3- 23 23 221 23 Mess Pork, per 11 573 11 574 11 45 11 70 11 70 11.55 August. 11 723 11 75 11 65 Lard, per 100 pounds6 821 6 773. July 6 873 6 873 6 823 Short Ribs, per 100 pounds 6 05 6.05 6 05 6 10 6 10 6 021 FOR SALE- 1 ten-room house on Fifth avenue, near Broad street; $2,000 cash; rest one, two and three years. Bargaia for all cash. For particulars see J.

J. Mars, 16 Vine street. m1-2t FOR SALE- One good milk cow. Apply at No. 18 Frazier street.

m3 FOR der, SALE 38 House of three rooms, in good orBrad ey street. convenient Knoxville Car Wh el Foundry; lot 25x130 feet, (alley.) Terms, cash. Francis Bell. 102 FOR 8. new and sixteen second-band boilers; also engines, new and Boiler second-hand, at buyers' prices.

Address Casey Chattanooga, Tenn, m2-10t FOR BALE -Good eight-room $500 house on the inmonth. stallment plan! cash; $25 per Address Noah, care Journal. m2 FOR cash; $20 month. house, Address 100x180 lot, per Jacob, care Journal. m2 FOR Box SALE 574.

-Good paying bar room. Address apri9-tf HOUSES TO LET. (Advertisem*nts under this head one cent word HAND, 1. FASHIONABLE TAILOR, 61 WEST CLINCH STREET, Opposite the Custom House. THE Popular Reprint of the Latest edition of this great work is now complete in 24 volumes.

It contains all the text, maps and plates of the original edition. Every scholar and student knows that this world-renowned work is the greatest of its kind in the English language. Before the popular reprint edition of it appeared no one ever expected to be able to possess it for at least double our price. Sold only by subscription. For particulars, sample pages, address THE HENRY G.

ALLEN 00., 126 Washington street, Chicago, Illinois. mar30deod1m THE LITERARY MARYBL OF THE AGE Encyclopedia Britannica -PER FOR SALE. Choice Vacant Business At a Bargain. Fronting the Central Market House--by building, from ten to fifteen per cent can be easily realised on the investment. Call on Central Market Company, Office in Knoxville Fire Insurance Building.

Bids Wanted. Proposals will be received until May 6, at 12 o'clock, at the office of the County Judge for grading and macadamising two miles, more or less, on each or all the following roads: The Maryville road, the Sevierville road, the Washington road. Right reserved to reject any and all bids. G. L.

MALONEY, J. R. YORK, S. W. KENNEDY, may Pike Commisioners.

Our low prices on Lawn Mowers beats them all. Call and see them. GEO. BROWN. apr21dtf.

The Journal, one week for 200. Try it. TO and LET--One two-room new cottage ffteen at room Johnson's boarding prings, house Ave miles from Knoxville, on K. 0. railroad, together with ten fine milch cows and pasture for the same.

Board will be taken for the rent if desired. Call on or address A. J. Johnson, Dante, Tenn. m5-10t LET- To a small family, a nice five room house, 165 Union street; convenient to business center.

R. B. Parker, 140 Tulip street. m5 TO -Nice four room house, No. 36 Fast Cumberland m5 TO LET- North -An Morgan 8-room house, corner Broad and harles H.

Brown. streets, now occup'ed by Inquire on or of Brownlow Hendrickson. apr21-tf ROOMS TO LET. (Advertisem*nts under this head one cent 4 word each insertion.) TO 135 LET Luttrell -Rooms street. furnished or unfurnished.

m5-5t TO or LET--One two furnished room. suitable for one young gentlemen, within four squares of cus om-house; apply to 154 West Church street, m5 WANTED Gentleman and wife or three young men to take a large room with a small room attached. No. 45 Broad site Deaf and Dumb Asylum. 104-2t oppoFOR 148 REST--A Walnut nicely street, two furnished front fiom room at squares postoffice, for two gentlemen.

104-8t TO also LET store One furnished No. 25 room for Cumberland gentleman; room, street, m2-4t TO good board LET--Pleasantly at 62 Reservoir furnished front room and street 112-4t LOST. (Advertisem*nts under this head free) OST -Red morocco bound rate book of the New York Life Insurance company, with name of R. H. Plant on front cover.

Finder will be liberally rewarded by returning to R. J. Kirkpatrick, Hattie House. In5 OST-Liberal reward will be paid for the return to this office of glove buttoner, with name on dagger attached to chain. 104 OST- Deep red, muley cow: right ear split; four years old.

Beturn to Asylum street car stable and obtain reward. C.arke. m4 dew where between Cay street and West Knoxville one chased kold cuff button, with the lenter on it. Please return to Miss Kate Flournoy, corner Clinch avenue and ward. Second street, nest Knoxville, and receive rem8 LOST- premises, on STRAYED Sunoay -From morning, the dark owner's a red or nearly black young cow.

Liberal reward will be paid for ber return to 100 Clinch street m3 BOARDERS WANTED. (Advertisem*nts under this head one cent a word each insertion.) WANTED -Permanent, rooms transient and table No. boarders; new and newly furnisbed. 56 Asylum street. m4 8t ANTED -Boarders, $15.00 month.

24 Craig street. spr27-ti FOUND. (Advertisem*nts under this head free.) FOUND. spectacles, One on pair Broad double street, lense, 10 steel North bandled Knoxville, Ca 1 for them at 4 Lowry Co's. m5 ROUND A trunk key.

on Broad street. Apply B. Cox, room 11, McCallam build a 8 TO EXCHANGE. (Advertisem*nts under this head one cent a word for each insertion.) TO week: EXCHANGE cents a -The month JOURNAL or 82 a for 20 quarter. cents a 75 STOLEN.

STOLEN- One this week, since Wedeesa rose bush in bloom: red roses Any one hearing of such please let Mrs. M. L. Ross knew of it, at No. 13 W.

Fif avenue. m5.

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