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a THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS The South's Greatest Newspaper FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1935 for their effort, which is certain to hasten the solution of the problem." He added Canada is convinced the manufacture of armaments will eventually be restricted to state 1 establishments. The conference was adjourned until Tuesday, when it will hear the first reading of the American draft. Russia will sign no convention for the control of manufacture and trade of arms to which Japan does note projected, convention must 1 be approved by all principal powers, the Soviet representative a said, "but particularly by all neighbors of Russia." The Soviet spokesman approved the United proposals as a basis for the plan, but said he desired to see them strengthened. especially close supervision of the used in inaterials chemical Switzerland characterized the American plan as important contribution to the cause of peace" and insisted the convention must deal with the manufacture as well as the traffic arms if it is to receive Swiss support. England and Italy desire to have the convention restricted only to traffic in war materials.

Loss of life or injury at grade grossings in this country figured in cash exceeds $25,000,000 annually. The Star of "The Gay Divorcee" Has a New Heart-Thrill for You! Thrill to the charm of the screen's new sweethearts mean happiness ahead for you! Ginger Balcony ROGERS 25c Beautiful and lovable os she roAny Time mances her way into your heart! With Francis Lederer A new handsome personality -destined to become the screen's romantic idol! (Lorane MANHATTAN With a grand supporting cast. More JOY! NOW! Cartoon Fun and News Views Florence and Arthur Lake "THE MUSICAL In WINNAH" COMEDY RITZ WARNED ON ARMS TRAFFIC People Of The World Want Something Done Quickly, Wilson Advises GENEVA (P) Hugh Wilson. United States delegate to the world disarmament conference, warned powers Friday the people of the world want something done and done quickly to control the manufacture and traffic in war materials. Replying to attacks made on the American draft.

particularly by England and Italy, Wilson reminded the delegates the Americans merely fashioned their proposals along lines likely to command general support. (The American plan contemplates supervision over both production and commerce.) "Our plan." he said. "is founded on the conviction of people everywhere that something must be done and in a relatively short time." Walter Alexander Riddell. Canadian delegate, said: "Canada congratulates and thanks the Americans Live Those Glorious "Kid Days" Over Again In this the GREATEST. most HUMAN DOWN to EARTH story ever written! Every and GIRL will get a thrill from You'll know how he felt when he took his first trip to the and on that night when he ran away from home! Clackie THE FOR WHOLE FAMILY The kid you liked so much in "THE CHAMP' and "TREASURE thrill you PECKS BAD BOY with Thomas MEIGHAN Jackie SEARL Ends Short Entertainers Today Henry ARMETTA Comedy and WORLD NEWS EVENTS James Starts SATURDAY CAGNEY Strand.

"ST. In KID" LOUIS HIS HAPPIEST PICTURE! Another uproarious role for this lovable a small-town politician with bigtown ideas. who isn't too busy to promote a love match! WILL ROGERS Your Favorite in Another Great Picture "The County Chairman" The unforgettably mirthful play by George Ade with EVELYN VENABLE KENT TAYLOR Louise Dresser Mickey Rooney and STEPIN FETCHIT EXTRA! Exclusive Talking Pictures of a Day in the Lives of the Famous DIONNE QUINTUPLETS BEN POLLACK'S BAND ONE BIG WEEK- -STARTS TODAY ALABAMA Guest JIMMY Organist BEERS Executioner Pays No Attention To Victims Of Chair NEW YORK-(INS)-How does it feel to be the man who, barring a reversed decision, will stand behind electric in New Jersey's state prison send the chaina deadly current through Bruno Richard Hauptmann's body? "It doesn't any difference to me who's sitting in the chair, said Robert Elliott, who is the man. "I pay no attention to 'em. Half the tme I don't know who they are.

I don't want to know who they are. never see 'em I'm careful not to until they step up to the chair, and as soon as the job 15 finished. I beat it." Mr. Elliott was somewhat testy about it. To begin with, there he sofa in his Richmond Hill home.

was comfortably I curled up on the reading about the Dionne quintuplets. in whom he is greatly interested. "I'm sorry, very sorry for Hauptmann's mother." he said. That's one thing that troubles him emotionally- mothers. got married elgain two days after well.

know one who her husband's electrocution. Children-they'll forget it. Friends and relatives- -they'll have nothing to do with person himself is guilty of murder. But the mother. well.

darn it. she can't see he's anything but the kid she raised, the kid. maybe La little mischievous, but well, you know what I He can't see why people always want to know how he feels when he executes criminals. His reactions? "After all." he said. "it's just a job, far as I'm concerned.

I'm an electrician: I throw the switch. That's I've got to do with it. Might as well throw light switch. I don't do anything but a small part in carrying out the law. His predecessor committed suicide.

"But I don't think the work had anything with it." Elliott said. "There's nothing depressing about it. You into the jail, do your job and you're out again in no time at all. As far as possible, I make it a point to know nothing about the condemned man. Hauptmann? I couldn't help knowing sometihng about, I couldn't open a paper without having his name smack me in the eye.

"Do you think Hauptmann is guilty?" "I won't talk about that. I'll say this: I don't believe an innocent man has gone to the chair in recent years. I certainly hope not. I certainly hope not. But Hauptmann isn't in the chair yet, remember that." DANCE 2-2132 Table Friday Saturday $1.10 Per Couple GALAXI NOW ANY SEAT "TWO HEADS ON 15c A with PILLOW" ANY TIME MIRIAM JORDAN NEIL HAMILTON CAPITOL NOW Any Seat Fun, Romance, Songs "Happiness with Ahead" Any Time Dick Powell Josephine Hutchinson WIGGS OF THE CABBAGE PATCH" Also COMEDY and NOVELTY OLLIE'S BARBECUE 902 AVE.C BARBECUE SANDWICHES AND FRIED CHICKEN PRIVATE BOOTHS OPEN 'TIL 3A.M.

-N. BIRMINGHAMLAST TIMES TODAY "TWENTY MILLION SWEETHEARTS" with Dick Powell, Pat O'Brien and Ginger Rogers TODAY ONLY "SMARTY" with JOAN BLONDELL and WARREN WILLIAM FAIRFIELD WOODLAWN NOW "WHOM THE GODS DESTROY" with Walter Connolly, Doris Kenyon and Robert Young 3-7-9- Merry Whirl" VAUDEVILLE UNIT Headlining CHELM ORR Featured "Believe ley's Not "TWO "Stepping Starrs" KAYS" Other Big Acts -Screenin the "Woman Dark' of The By. the Author Man." with Thin Fav Wray MIDNIGHT STAGE SHOW Saturdoy, 11:30 It's an ideal show for a party of merrymakers! Arrange party now! This Show Only SEVENTEENTH GRAVES ACCEPTS INVITATION 'We Want You Not' Group In Majority As Regards Huey WASHINGTON The score of the state "we want you, we want you not" resolutions has been going slightly against Senator Long and his "share the wealth" speeches. In the South. Georgia's Legislature has been the only one so far to invite and listen to the Louisiana senator make his well-known address.

of Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee have turned thumbs down. However, invitations were forthcoming from Legislatures of Minnesota and Kansas. Members of the Illinois Legislature have felt the senator but have not formally asked him. He turned down the Kansas invitation because of duties in Washington. His chief organizer, the Rev.

Gerald L. K. Smith, recently addressed the Minnesota Legislature in the senator's behalf. One of his latest invitations, which he has accepted. was to address the "Little Congress." the group here comprising secretaries of congressmen.

JOHN B. MOORE DIES Funeral Announced For WidelyJohn Bennington 64, died Known Chilton Countre. Planter Friday at the family homestead. "Oakcrest." near Montevallo. Mr.

Moore was a widely known Chilton County planter and was in the lumbusiness in Alabama for a number of years. He took an active interest in civic and community affairs. Funeral services will be conducted from the home at 10:30 a.m. Saturday by Dr. Freeman, pastor, Norwood Methodist Church, with the Rev.

J. T. Carlton, pastor, Montevallo Methodist Church. assisting. Burial will be in the family cemetery.

Mr. Moore is survived by four sisters, Miss Mary Sue Moore. Montevallo; Mrs. Joe W. Bailey, Mrs.

W. W. Randall and Mrs. K. S.

Sessions, all of Birmingham, and five brothers, S. C. and J. of Montevallo; W. of Jemison; Dr.

C. W. C. Moore, Talladega and Dr. Cliff Moore.

Lindale, Ga. ACT OVERRULED Cullman Law Fixing Witnesses Pay Held Unconstitutional MONTGOMERY, La. -(AP) Atty. Gen. A.

A. Carmichael has ruled that sections of the Griffith act of 1919 fixing the pay of witnesses in criminal cases in Cullman County at 75 cents daily and their mileage at cents a mile, was unconstitutional. He ruled that no county could fix, by local law, a rate of pay for witnesses different from the uniform rate over the state, and pointed out that the rate in 1919 was $1. He held, however, that other sections of the act were valid and could be continued in operation. The fact that the state later lowered the uniform rate to 75 cents for witnesses, he said, did not "breathe life" into the statute that was invalid at the time of its passage.

BUILDINGS FOR CLANTON New City Hall And Postoffice To Be Erected Soon CLANTON, -Clanton is to get new city hall and postoffice buildings soon, contracts having been let. The new city hall- first -will cost an estimated $35,000. The federal government heretofore has rented a postoffice building. BROKEN NECK NO BAR train and ANTONITO, ambulance, Col. Mrs.

(INS) Charles Res Lamb, 70. of Idaho Springs, traveled 60 miles 'with her neck broken to spend the holidays with her daughter, Mrs. George J. Riedel. at Antonito.

She said the trip caused her no undue discomfort. She was injured in an automobile accident near Rock Springs, while returning home with her husband from Salt Lake City. POLICE CALLED FOR RAT BOSTON (INS) James G. Bloom, janitor of an. apartment block, rushed into a police station, cried "come on, I've got him," and convinced officers that he had a burglar locked in his closet.

The nearest radio car was ordered to scene. The officers arrived at the house, and opened door quickly. A rat ran across the floor and escaped. LEARNS LESSON ALAMOSA, (INS) -Don't lead a cow with baling wire, says Charles Wood, of Moffat, Col. He tried it.

The cow ran away and the wire severed a finger of his hand at the first joint. TRIAL DELAY WANTED Attorney Asks More Time For De- fense Of Pair In Harris Slaying Postponement of trials of Wesley Vincent, 20, and Richard Darrafou, 25, facing murder charges in the of Patrolman F. J. Harris, will be sought when the cases are called in Criminal Court Monday. K.

C. Edwards, attorney for the pair. said he would ask for at least one week additional time to prepare his defense and bring witnesses here here Shelton, and Stockton, where relatives of the defendants live. Straight not guilty pleas will be entered Vincent and Darrafou, Edwards said. He said he would seek to minimize the punishment in his defense of the cases.

Vincent has admitted firing the fatal shot into the back of the police officer while Harris was struggling with Darrafou, following an attempt by the pair to hold up Pickwick Club, at Five Points, Jan. 30. VISIT BARBECUE DR.GU GARDENS YOUR CHILE, HOT TAMALES. STEAKS, FRIED CHICKEN AND BARBECUE SANDWICHES 18TH St. at Ave.

South RULES ON TEACHER'S HOMES MONTGOMERY, Ala. Gen. Carmichael has ruled that Alabama's law authorizing county boards of education to construct homes for teachers does not authorize the board to operate the home and furnish board and lodging. The attorney general also ruled that Walker County ferrymen can be paid out of the general fund of the county to operate free ferries. In an opinion addressed to George A.

Thomas, secretary of the Alabama Real Estate Commission, the attorney general held the secretary is not a member of the commission. Saturday Night, Feb. 16 Tutwiler Ballroom Gertrude Stein IN HER FAMOUS LECTURE ON "English GENERAL, on ADMISSION, Sale at $1.10 CLARK JONES flirtation DICK POWELL Walk PAT RUBY O'BRIEN RIALTO KEELER NEWSSTAND IN P. 0. -L.

D. Stockton, once a train dispatcher, who awoke one morning 25 years ago to discover he was totally blind, now has a newsstand in the Denver Postoffice, the first of its kind in the country. Washington postal authorities granted him the concession two years after he had applied for it. Last Chance! to see CHICAGO'S Dance FAVORITES BABIN Plus Coleman SACHS Call 3-5592 for ble. 10 till 1.

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Investigate! HOOD 2013 4th AVENUE IT'S GOT EVERYTHING! Laughter! Romance! For thrills Thrills! Lee Tracy as the wisecracker who always loved 'em and left 'em! For romance Sally Eilers as the girl who just couldn't help lovin' that man of hers! For laughter Jimmy Durante as the answer to maiden's nightmare! with LEE TODAY STARTS CARNIVAL EMPIRE RAILROADS ABANDONED WASHINGTON -(P) The Interstate Commerce Commission Friday authorized four railroads operating in Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi to abandon portions of their lines. The Montana Railroad was authorized to abandon its entire three-mile line from North Spadra to Montana. The Butler County Railroad Company was authorized to abandon its seven -mile line from Osprey Junction to McDougal, Ark. The Nashville, Chattanooga St. Louis Railway Company was a authorized to abandon eight miles of its McMinnville branch, from De Rosett to Clifty, Tenn.

The Yazoo Mississippi Valley Railway Company was authorized to abandon 16 miles of branch line from Mattson.

The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama (2024)
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