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The processed data can now be used to generate statistics.

The bank returned her processed application by mail.


Modified through manufacture such as refinement or food processing.

Processed foods are of dubious nutritional value.





Simple past tense and past participle of process.



Origin of Processed

Processed Sentence Examples

  • The majority of processed food sold in the United States contains GMO.

  • How many pints of fruits and vegetables had been processed in this kitchen over the years?

  • Gluten free eating will cut out most breads and processed items.

  • Don't feed your pet commercially processed ground beef.

  • Find out about three of the most common ways electronic payments are processed.

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Processed Definition & Meaning | YourDictionary (2024)


What is the meaning of processed? ›

: having been subjected to a special process or treatment (as in the course of manufacture) Just as processed food has been robbed of its nutrients, processed hair has been robbed of much of its health.

What is the definition and meaning of process? ›

a series of actions or events performed to make something or achieve a particular result, or a series of changes that happen naturally: Completing his degree at night was a long process.

What does the term "to be processed" mean? ›

treated or prepared by a special method, esp in order to preserve it.

What is the meaning of is being processed? ›

In many contexts it means that something is being: developed, considered, made, or reviewed. Examples: Your graduate school application is being processed. Your loan application is being processed. Your order is being processed.

Does processed mean approved? ›

“Being processed” means that whatever you are expecting is being processed or is under review. Meaning someone is looking into it. “Approved” on the other hand indicates the end of the process. Assuming the end of the process is either to get “approved” or “rejected”.

What's a better word for processed? ›

Synonyms: treated, handled, prepared , manufactured.

What does completed processing mean? ›

In general “process completed” means a particular process or task is finished (complete).

Why is process definition important? ›

Why are processes important? They are important because they describe how things are done and then provides the focus for making them better and how they are done determines how successful the outcomes will be. If you focus on the right processes, in the right way, you can design your way to success.

What does processed mean on a transaction? ›

If the bank says a transaction has been processed, that can mean that it has been authorized and authenticated but not yet settled - meaning, the seller may not see the funds in their account yet.

What is an example of a process? ›

Standard Definition of a Process

Preparing breakfast. Placing an order. Developing a budget. Writing a work order.

What is the meaning of processed items? ›

/ˈprɑː.sest/ having had some sort of chemical or industrial treatment in order to preserve it, make it safe, or change its taste ... See more at processed.

What does while your application is being processed mean? ›

When your application is being processed, it means that the organization or institution you submitted your application to is reviewing and evaluating it to determine your eligibility or suitability for the position or opportunity you applied for.

Does processed mean delivered? ›

So what does it mean when an order is processed? It means that your order has been received and is now in the queue to be shipped out.

What's the difference between processing and processed? ›

Food processing is a completely different term in comparison. All food must be processed in some form for consumption but where 'processed foods' are altered, many 'food processing' measures do not alter the nutritional value of the food at all.

What does it mean when my package has been processed? ›

What does it mean when a package is “processing” at a UPS facility? This means that a UPS facility has received the package and is currently preparing it for the next destination.

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