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Accelerate Learning with PhotoReading®

PhotoReading® Allows You to Learn More Efficiently

​The potential value of learning from written material is vast. However, the amount of learning from reading has two major limitations…your available time and your reading methods.

If you're like most people, the time that you have available to sit down and read a book, magazine, or news article is just a few minutes each day.

Between your business, family, and other personal obligations that you have, it is very likely that you own unread books, have a stack of unread materials, and struggle to complete required reading for work.

You know how frustrating this can be!

When most people read normally, they read word by word through each page. However, the meaningful information on each page is contained within only 4 to 11 percent of the written words.

And when you read materials using the methods that your grade school teachers taught, you spend a tremendous amount of time processing content that fails to address your purpose for reading or answer your questions.

Imagine what a difference it would make if you could PhotoRead written materials in a much shorter time period and retain what you want or need.

While you only have the same 24 hours each day as everyone else, you can change your reading methods in drastic ways to help you be more better informed and more successful.

PhotoReading® is a transformational digital home study course. It can change how you learn and how much you learn while reading in the limited time you have available.

As you master the techniques of PhotoReading® , you can glean greater value in less time from more written materials than you could otherwise take away from the normal time and energy invested in reading.

What is PhotoReading®?

PhotoReading® engages your nonconscious to take in written information as fast as an entire page a second. This is outside the realm of possibility for your conscious mind.

As you PhotoRead, your nonconscious mind makes it possible to fly through written material without consciously reading word by word on each page and still get the value of the information you desire.

The PhotoReading® method applies a specific combination of techniques that are proven and effective so you can absorb and use important information from written materials.

PhotoReading® changes an average reading speed of 200 words per minute to a reading speeds of 25,000 words per minute with time and practice.

This may sound almost superhuman and too good to be true. Yet, this phenomenal accomplishment is something that people just like you realize as they learn to PhotoRead.

The Deluxe PhotoReading® Digital Home Study Course

The PhotoReading® Digital Home Study Course teaches you a whole-mind, five-step approach that enables you to maximize your acquisition of what you need and want to know in as little time as possible.

These five steps include:

  1. Prepare to get in an optimal state of mind
    As you sit down to read, you begin to prepare your mind with your intention and focus.
  2. Preview the materials
    The preview step helps your mind notice the highlights and organization of the reading materials.
  3. Engage with PhotoReading®
    The next step is to apply the PhotoReading® process which allows your nonconscious mind to take in the meaningful information you intend to gain.
  4. Postview the text
    Once you finish the PhotoReading® process, you explore various sections of the text that address your intention and jot down key points and questions that you have.
  5. Activate the knowledge you need
    The final step is to activate the knowledge that apply to your intention and make it accessible on a conscious level.​
What You Get with the Deluxe PhotoReading® Digital Home Study Course
  • 8 Digital Audio Recordings with Fast Finish sessions
  • The Memory Supercharger and PhotoReading® Activator Paraliminal® digital recordings
  • A digital course manual
  • Dr. Paul Scheele’s PhotoReading® and Natural Brilliance® eBooks
  • A $50 Tuition Certificate for a US or Canadian Seminar
  • Free coaching
  • 3 digital videos filmed during a live PhotoReading® training
Benefits of PhotoReading®

When you are able to acquire knowledge in much less time, you create freedom for yourself and reduce your stress. The benefits also include improvements in your ability to:

  • Expand your knowledge and abilities more quickly, so you can be more prosperous and successful.
  • Finish the stack of books on your list in the time that you have available, so your purchases add value to your business and life.
  • Do well in courses you take, so you learn much more effectively.
  • Find answers to questions or problems you might have without the need to read something in its entirety, so you are more efficient.
  • Decide if written materials are worth your time to PhotoRead, so you spend time on meaningful content you want or need to acquire.

Learn new skills, become an expert on the topics that interest you most, or absorb advice from experts.

Expand your possibilities for success and abundance! The opportunities that PhotoReading® can open up for you are endless.

I’m Ready to Learn PhotoReading®!

​Information about accessing this digital product will be emailed to you after your purchase.

Learning with PhotoReading® | Scheele Learning Systems (2024)
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