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Woss, In the Heart of the Nimpkish Valley

Woss is a logging camp turned hamlet in 1999. Strategically located to access the rich timberlands of the Nimpkish Valley, Woss became the terminus and service centre for Canada's largest private railroad.

Woss offers the visitor the best access to the untrammeled wilderness: to rustic campsites, to mountains such as Pinder Peak and Rugged Mountain, to caves from "walk-ins" like the cave in Little Huson Regional Park and more challenging caves for accomplish spelunkers. Roads lead to shimmering lakes such as Woss Lake, Lake Kluklakama, and Anutz Lake. Here, the visitor can have an unforgettable camping experience and superb wildlife viewing.

Woss is the closest community to Mount Cain. Sixteen Slopes from "bunny hills" to expert, T-Bar lifts and a lodge/restaurant offer memorable powder skiing experience.

Schoen Lake Provincial Park recreational area encompasses a beautiful lake and hiking trails including an alpine trail up 1,000 metre Mount Schoen.

Nearby Nimpkish Lake, a huge lake surrounded by towering mountains is a world-class windsurfing locale. The lake is great for kayaking, canoeing and fishing too.

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