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Grizzly Bear Viewing, Great Bear Rain Forest            All-Inclusive Package departing from Port Hardy, BC

This All-Inclusive Package can be as little as 1day/night excursion, but I recommend the Multiple night package.

Package includes excursions, return transportation (Float Plane) from Port Hardy to the Great Bear Rainforest private accommodation, gourmet meals, snacks, beverages.

From early May until mid-October, this top quality tour operator offers Grizzly Bear viewing excursions from Port Hardy to a beautiful river valley on the central coast of British Columbia. Known as the Great Bear Rainforest, this area is one of the best places in the world to observe grizzly (brown) bears and many other forms of wildlife including black bears, wolves and bald eagles.

This ecotourism lodge (wind and solar powered) is the ideal base for photography and wildlife viewing tours, nestled at the mouth of a pristine salmon river. Gourmet meals await you upon your return from the two guided viewing sessions per day. With a maximum of ten guests, you are ensured of a personalised wilderness adventure in this very special wilderness area.

Click Here to see pictures of the lodge, view, grizzly bear and naturalist guide.

The Great Bear Rainforest is home to a significant concentration of coastal grizzly bears. During the late summer and early fall bears are drawn to the many salmon spawning streams feeding into the coastal inlets. While the bear population reaches its peak in the fall, during the spring and summer numerous bears feed on sedges, succulents and grasses that make up the dense bio-mass of the river estuary. These ongoing sources of high quality food are why coastal grizzlies or brown bears are larger than inland grizzlies.

Two bear viewing sessions are scheduled each day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We tailor the sessions to the activities of the bears, observing them when they are most active in their chosen habitats. Viewing blinds have been constructed with photographers in mind. They are comfortable and optimal places to shoot from. When the bears move from the river to the estuary, we view them from a boat.

Each season offers a unique view into the world of grizzly bears. A wonderful time for photography, spring takes us to the estuary to observe the grizzlies as they graze on grasses and sedges and engage in mating behaviour. Bird life is abundant at this time, and long hours of daylight ensure optimal light for photography. During the summer season, the grizzlies move between the various habitats to optimize their feeding. We will find them gorging on berry patches, grazing on estuarine grasslands and scouting for the early salmon. The grizzly bears congregate at the river in autumn to take advantage of the best food source available on the coast: Pacific salmon. Watch as each individual bear demonstrates its own fishing style, from methodically checking under riverbanks with their paws to chasing salmon fleeing in all directions.

Guest safety is of utmost importance and our viewing program is organized using the protocols developed at McNeil River on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. This management philosophy is consistent with our goal of safely viewing bears in a natural setting while eliminating or minimizing impact on them.

Along with grizzly bears there is a chance to view other wildlife like wolves, black bears, otters, pine martins, mink, and bald eagles. Bear viewing areas are reached by a short boat/van ride from the lodge. We have hosted people 92 years young with two walking canes, so the level of physical exertion required by the tours is possible for nearly everyone. All bear viewing is guided a professional guide and wildlife biologist who is well versed in bear behavior as well as the natural history of this remarkable area.

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