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Top Caving Sites found in Northern Vancouver Island

Beginner Cave



Karst is a distinctive topography in which the landscape is largely shaped by the dissolving action of water on carbonate bedrock. This geological process which occurs over many thousands of years, results in unusual surface and sub-surface features ranging from sink-holes, vertical shafts, disappearing streams to complex underground drainage systems. Rivers vanish and reappear, crystal clear waters spring from the earth only to disappear in the unknown.

The North Island has a greater concentration of caves than any other area in Canada as well as some of the longest and deepest caves in Canada. Combine this with beautiful scenery, easy access via logging roads, and a year round caving season (thanks to our mild climate) and you will see why Vancouver Island is considered to have the best caving in Canada.

Some of the most dramatic karsts features in our area include Devils Bath, Vanishing River, Eternal Fountain and rock arches at little Huson Cave Park.
These can be viewed without going underground.

There is currently NO cave tour operator in the North Island Area. There are a few self-guided caves in the area. I suggest you stop by a local Info Centre and pick up a local free logging road map to help you find the locations listed above. Please take care as access to most caves are located on active logging roads.

Cave links:

Little Huson Cave Park

Upana Caves, contact the Village of Gold River 250-283-2202

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